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"Wonderful! Good solid parenting advice, presented in a voice to which parents will easily relate. I love that the entire approach to parenting rests on sensible principles and guiding philosophies of parenting that are well grounded in common sense. The authors’ experience as parents is obvious, not only in the content of the book but also in how ‘real’ they are; the examples are ones to which all of us, professionals and parents alike, can relate. I laughed at times, sighed at times, and relived some of my own triumphs and mistakes in my dual roles as parent and child psychologist. And that candidness as authors makes for a very approachable, comfortable book whose wisdom is surrounded by humor and humility.”

Dr. Sandra Siegel, Ph.D., Child Clinical Psychologist

“I nodded in agreement at the parenting wisdom in this book, and laughed heartily in identification with many of the scenarios presented in Building Better Humans. If you’re looking for some down-to-earth answers to everyday parenting challenges, you will not be disappointed by Building Better Humans.”

Christine Field, Author, Attorney, Speaker

“For most parents, the art of parenting is far from simple. While often a joy, parenting can also be challenging, frustrating, and stressful! That said, David and Lisa Davoust are to the rescue. Their book, Building Better Humans, is the most practical and well written book I have ever read on the subject. Their advice is psychologically sound, easy to implement, and comes from a solid set of values. If you follow their guidelines and suggestions, your children are sure to benefit from it and you might even save yourself some stress in the process. I give this book my highest recommendation.”

Tim Ursiny, Ph.D., RCC, CBC, Author of The Coward’s Guide to Conflict and The Top Performer’s Guide to Attitude

"Practical is a key descriptor for this helpful guide to parenting. For the parent who needs some 'down-to-earth' guidelines based on sound principles, this book can give hope and motivation. Specific examples were both sensible and doable. I found it to be very well written, readable, clear, to the point, and engaging. The Davousts had a knack for anticipating my questions as I went along and dealing with them before the end of the chapter. I especially resonated with the chapter on  'Kids in Crisis.' They did a superb job of covering the major problem areas and practical helps during these troubling heart wrenching, times. That chapter alone should be useful for the parents who may be inclined to say,  'They make parenting sound so easy, they don’t have MY kids.' "

 ""Chuck Lewis, Ph.D, Counselor, Barnabas International, Retired Director of Counseling, Wheaton College

"Building Better Humans by David and Lisa Davoust is the book I wish I'd had over 30 years ago when we first found out we were going to be parents... In an easy to read style, with colourful illustrations and anecdotes that make you smile, David and Lisa Davoust explore and explain key areas of critical importance to raising not just happy children, but confident adults..."

Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite 

"David and Lisa are honest and open about their struggles and offer thoughtful, humorous, and loving insight to parents. I recommend  Building Better Humans by David and Lisa Davoust to parents of all backgrounds, because it presents thoughtful and logical advising in raising kids in this chaotic and harsh world in which we live."

Nicollette Violante for Reader Views