Parenting Seminars

Creative and Fun

Based upon the newly published parenting book, Building Better Humans, we’ve designed our seminars and talks to give you to the tools to raise confident, healthy, respectful children. We can adjust our seminars to your needs.

We’re also available for speaking engagements. Some of our most popular topics include:

  • 12 Principles to Save a Parent’s Sanity
  • Raising Kids in a Complex World
  • No Magic Formula: Everyday Parenting
  • Make the World a Better Place: Raise a Great Kid
  • Overwhelmed No More
  • Firstborn Fumbles (and how to avoid them)
  • Get Your Teen on Your Team
  • Single Parenting
  • Raising Special Needs Children
  • Kids in Crisis: Intervention
  • Kids and Digital Dangers

David & Lisa Davoust

David & Lisa Davoust have been teaching on marriage and family topics for many years both in the U.S. and abroad. They are the parents of three children. Their practical, humorous approach will make these sessions fun and the advice unforgettable.

Seminar Buzz

“I originally signed up for your seminar because I needed educational hours for my preschool teaching job. My children are adults now, and I was not expecting the information would be very useful. I could not have been more wrong! So much of what I learned has proven to be so useful with my grown children! Your seminar covers insightful suggestions to be used with children of all ages. I thoroughly enjoyed it!”
Ellen P. of Winfield, IL
“I was not as great as I thought I was! I so often fell into the trap of thinking that I was wise and powerful enough to raise a child. This seminar absolutely filled me with both honor and humility from God-given wisdom. Thank you so much for offering a wonderful seminar from the bottom of my heart!”
Seonhee C. of Wheaton, IL
“This six week course provided me a lot of new perspectives in the areas of communication with our children, imparting social skills, dealing with conflict, etc. I am actually using some of the principles with my three year old almost on a daily basis. Such as ‘don't threaten something you are not willing to do, and don't promise something you can't guarantee.’ And, ‘Use punishment for behavior, use reward for attitude.’ Those principles help me win the battle. :) And I know this will definitely benefit them in the long run. I also really enjoyed the question and open discussion time, especially when other parents gave examples about parenting issues they encounter with their kids.”
Shengmei S. of Wheaton, IL
“I highly recommend taking this excellent seminar. David and Lisa teach from their own parenting experience. You will find that their parenting skills are creative and fun! Our family has become a stronger unit since implementing the skills we learned. Can't wait to read their book! Thank you David and Lisa for offering this seminar to all of us. Pete and I really enjoyed it! [Our daughter’s] behavior has already improved and we are all much happier as whole.”
Fallon P. of Wheaton, IL