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Publisher's Contact Info:

Robis Publishing
P.O. Box 39, Wheaton, IL 60187
Phone: 630.752.0220

GENRE: Family & Relationships/Parenting/General/Non-Fiction
TITLE: Building Better Humans
AUTHORS: David and Lisa Davoust
PUBLISHER: Robis Publishing
DATE OF PUBLICATION: March 2014 (first edition)
ILLUSTRATIONS: Yes (Abby Davoust, Illustrator)
- ISBN 978-0-9707573-1-9: Paperback $19.95
- ISBN 978-0-9707573-2-6: Electronic Book Text TBA
- ISBN 978-0-9707573-3-3: Hardback $24.95
- ISBN 978-0-9707573-4-0: Downloadable Audio File TBA

About the Book:

Grounded in 12 solid, proven parenting principles, Building Better Humans guides parents through the expected and unexpected challenges of parenting, including:
• Communication
• Discipline
• Social Skills
• Love, Sex & Marriage
• Money & Work
• Technology & Digital Dangers
• Kids in Crisis
• Special Needs Children

Parents can easily relate to the authors’ practical and humorous approach. Their advice can be applied to children of all ages: from crib to college.

About the Authors:

David and Lisa Davoust are writers, speakers and parents of three children. They have been teaching on marriage and family issues for over 20 years in the U.S. and around the world.


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Author’s photo (Color, JPEG)
Book Cover (JPEG)
Book Cover (PDF)
Illustrations (Color, PDF)


“The most practical and well written book I have ever read on the subject.” Tim Ursiny, PH.D., RCC, CBC, Author of the Coward’s Guide to Conflict and The Top Performers

“Wonderful! Good solid parenting advice, presented in a voice to which parents will easily relate…A very approachable, comfortable book whose wisdom is surrounded by humor and humility.” Dr. Sandra Siegel, PH.D., Child Clinical Psychologist

“If you’re looking for some down-to-earth answers to everyday parenting challenges, you will not be disappointed.” Christine Field, Author, Attorney, Speaker.

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