Story Ideas

Parenting/Family Life

  • 12 practical parenting principles to raising great kids
  • Raising children in a complex world
  • No magic formula: every day parenting
  • Sanity savers: what every parent needs to know
  • Good kids = better world
  • Overwhelmed no more (how to take charge of your family life)
  • What does good parenting look like?
  • A parents’ confession: I wish I’d known now….

New, first-time parents and parents of young children

  • Advice for newbie parents
  • Firstborn Fumbles (and how to avoid them)
  • Public nuisance #1: your child (how to get your child to behave in public places)

Pre-Teens & Teens:

  • How you and your kids can survive the teen years
  • Simple steps to avoiding digital dangers


  • A father’s advice (Father’s Day)
  • A mother’s advice (Mother’s Day)
  • Summer already? Parenting Principles to Practice this Summer
  • Starting Out Right: getting your child ready for back-to-school (Fall)

Author spotlight

  • Local Author (Chicago/Western Suburbs)
  • Local Illustrator (Chicago/Western Suburbs)
  • Writing a book together
  • It takes a family to write a book (mom, dad, daughter-in-law collaboration)